Legislative/Political Action

CWA’s legislative and political program supports the election of wAmerican Flagorker-friendly officials and the passage of laws to support workers, their families, and good jobs. CWA has been in the forefront of legislative initiatives to strengthen workers’ organizing and bargaining rights, make health care affordable and available to all, protect Americans’ retirement security, and provide good jobs in a global marketplace of fair trade.

CWA Political Action Fund

CWA Political Action Fund is the political action committee for the working men and women of CWA, their families and retirees. CWA Political Action Fund informs and mobilizes union families to encourage their participation in the political process. Through their political action committee, CWA men and women express their voice in politics and policy issues that affect their lives.

Funded by the voluntary contributions of CWA members, their family members and retirees, CWA Political Action Fund provides financial contributions to worker-friendly candidates. CWA can only use voluntary dollars to contribute to an endorsed candidate for federal office. No union dues money of any kind can be given to a political candidate for federal office or national political party.

CWA Political Action Fund also provides information to union families about CWA Political Actionthe candidates and their positions on the issues affecting their lives. Decent health care, overtime pay, safe working conditions, family-friendly workplaces, retirement security, freedom to organize are among the concerns influenced by the political process. CWA Political Action Fund endorses candidates regardless of political party who supports working families.

Working families can never match the contributions of Corporate America or the wealthy. Together we can combine our financial and voluntary resources to make a real difference in hundreds of key elections at the federal, state and local level. CWA Political Action Fund offers workers the power to gain the attention of lawmakers to their agenda.

In a representative democracy, many voices speaking together are louder than a single voice talking alone. Just as union representation gives workers a voice on the job to improve their lives, CWA Political Action Fund is the workers voice in politics to improve their communities and nation. CWA Political Action Fund makes politics work for working families.